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Stars of David

It's as easy as -- Matthew Rosenberger's ABC City Guides for Kids travels well with children and their folks. Now the Erdenheim resident -- accompanied by his daughters -- has booked travel for two additional... Read More

Travel Guide Books for the Kids

ABC City Guides for Kids let your kids explore a handful of urban American destinations one letter at a time. They are chock full of factoids, photos, trivia and kid-friendly attractions for each city, making... Read More

Travels with Child reviews ABC Travel Guides for Kids

ABC Travel Guides 28 May 2008 Travel Guides for Kids ABC Travel Guides for Kids Matthew G. Rosenberger I love it when form meets function. The ABC Travel Guides for Kids, in their various editions... Read More

ABC Travel Guides for Kids Review: Kenyon Alumni Bulletin

During a family trip to Boston in 2001, Matthew Rosenberger noticed that his two-year-old daughter was just as fascinated by her new surroundings as the adults were. If only, he thought, there were a travel... Read More

ABC Baltimore Review: Curious Parents

Did you know that Babe Ruth started playing with the Orioles at only 19 years old or that crabs can change color to avoid being eaten? ABC Baltimore highlights the quirky, the informative, and the... Read More

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